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Pygmy Shark

Once thought to be the smallest shark in the world, this fish can only reach a maximum length of 8"! The recent discover of the Dwarf Lantern Shark has stolen the title of World's Smallest shark from the tiny Pygmy Shark or Euprotomicrus bispinatus. They are found at deep sea depths worldwide in warm conditions. In fact, these deep sea creatures have been seen as far as 7000' down! The salt water Pygmy Shark feeds on small shrimps, squid and or small deep water fishes. As with many other sharks when the Pygmy losses its teeth they are replaced by new ones, which literally rotate into place. Another unique characteristic of the Pygmy Shark is that it has a bioluminescence underbelly which actually glows in the dark. This helps attract its prey and makes it appear distorted to potential predators underneath it.

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