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White Bass (Morone chrysops)

The White Bass or (Morone chrysops) is also called the Sand Bass, Barfish, Streaker and Silver Bass. It is found in freshwater lakes and rivers in the United States. This fish can be identified by its narrow dark incomplete stripes running horizontally down its body. It has white sides and underbelly, while its back is much darker. They are not related to the Largemouth Bass or the Rock Bass, which are part of the Centrarchidae family. You can learn more about White Bass in the video below...

White Bass look very similar to Striped Bass, but can be differentiated by the fact that they only have one sharp point on their gill covers and one tooth patch, where the Striped Bass has two of each. They are also very quick growers and only live to about 4 years old maximum.

White Bass grow to about 18" in maximum length and weigh up to 6lbs. They are fished for in many places in the United States including Virginia, Texas, The Great Lakes, and the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. This fish is also the state fish of Oklahoma.If you are fishing for White Bass remember that they travel in schools, so if you catch one chances are that there are more. Popular lures include spoons and spinners, as well as bottom fishing with live bait at night. Like other Bass, they provide one of the best fights pound for pound and are good to eat as well.

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