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Jellynose Fish (Ateleopodidae)

The Jellynose Fish or Ateleopodidae is a deep sea fish that is rarely seen by the human eye, and sometimes simply referred to as a tadpole. There are about 12 different species of Jellynose Fish in the world. Jellynose Fish can reach lengths of about 6' long and weigh in at over 100lbs. They have very long tails and small teeth, which they use to scrounge off the bottom. This deep sea creature has no scale and is made of a gelatinous material that is mostly fat. This strange body makeup is perfect for surviving the crushing force of the water at these extreme depths. Since they are found so deep in the ocean, often at depths of over 1000 feet there is not a lot more known about this strange species of fish.Recently in Brazil a possible new species of Jellynose Fish was discovered. Below you can see some extremely rare footage of a Jellynose Fish underwater...

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