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Guentheri Killifish

The Guentheri Killifish or Nothobranchius guentheri certainly doesn't live up to its name. This fish is by no means a killer, in fact it is a very peaceful fish! This small freshwater fish will only grow to a maximum size of just over 2", and is found in rivers and watering holes in Africa. This is a very colorful fish, black, blue, red, and yellow grace the Guentheri Killifish. Also known as the Redtail notho, this carnivorous fish will feed on brine shrimp, flake and frozen meats. Its small size and bright colors makes it a great addition to a freshwater aquarium. They prefer temperatures of 69 to 80F. The Guentheri Killifish is just one of the over 1200 species of Killifish! If you would like to purchase this fish you can do so by clicking the button directly below...

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