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Big Belly Seahorse (Hippocampus abdominalis)

The Big Belly Seahorse or Hippocampus abdominalis is one of the largest Seahorses in the world. It can grow to 35cm (14in) in length and gets its name from its rather large stomach! Believe it or not, each eye of the Big Belly Seahorse moves separately which makes it much easier to find food and avoid potential predators. This Seahorse is monogamist, which means they stay with the same mating partner for life. In fact, every morning the the female travels to her mate and they entwine tails and 'dance' together for six to 10 minutes, they even change color during this strange ritual. When mating the female will actually deposit the eggs in the male. The male Big Belly Seahorse can then have more than 700 babies at once! This Seahorse feeds on shrimp and small crustaceans. When it is not swimming it will wrap its tail around seaweed and simply wait for its lunch to come by.  You can check out the Big Belly Seahorse swimming in the video below.

The Chinese believe that this creature can help cure such ailments as asthma, impotence, high cholesterol, goitre, kidney disorders, and even severe acne! The Big Belly Seahorse is often confused with the Pot Bellied Seahorse. One characteristic that sets them apart is the fact that the Big Belly Seahorse has a slightly shorter snout. If you have any information about the Big Belly Seahorse that you would like to add please do so in the comments below...

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