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Coho Salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch)

Coho Salmon or Oncorhynchus kisutch start out their lives in freshwater for about the first year and then switch to saltwater for the next two years, then back to freshwater to spawn and die. Also known as Silver Salmon these fish will also change their color over the course of their lives. While they are in the ocean the Coho Salmon has silver sides with a dark blue top. When they come into freshwater to spawn they normally choose the exact spot in which they were born!
During the spawning process the Coho Salmon doesn't eat anything and turns a bright red with a bluish green head and a dark belly. Their jaws also undergo changes as they become more hooked. Females are normally darker and have an even more pronounced hook than the males of this species of Salmon. After the Coho spawns it dies completing the life cycle that began just three years earlier. To see the Coho Salmon spawning in action check out this short video...

In the beginning of its life the Coho Salmon will feed on plankton and insects. As they become bigger and make their way to the saltwater they begin to eat small fish. Coho Salmon can grow to about 2' (61 cm) in length and can weigh as much as 36lbs (16kg). Due to overfishing in many areas the population of Coho Salmon has dramatically dropped in recent years. The Coho Salmon has always been a favorite fish to eat throughout history in places like Alaska, California, Japan, and Russia. They have more fat in their meat then most other fish, but this only adds to their delicious flavor. If you have any Coho Salmon recipes or fishing tips you would like to share please leave them in the comments below...


Anonymous said...

I've never seen a fish that red before?

Anonymous said...

Wow, srry but that is one interesting fish. What's with the red??? I'll leave y'all a comment on the mudskipper pg.

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