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Elephant Shark (Callorhinchus milii)

The Elephant Shark or Callorhinchus milii is one of those fish you would think was created in some sort of science fiction novel. This saltwater fish is found in the waters off of Southern Australia and around New Zealand and without a doubt has one of the strangest mouths of any fish in the world! Above this odd mouth is it's "trunk" which can sense movement and weak electrical field that are given off by potential prey on the sandy bottom, much like the Hammerhead Shark. The Elephant Fish's pectoral fins are large and help them maneuver though the waters. They have two dorsal fins that are very widely spaced. All this makes them an the Elephant Fish easy to identify.Elephant Fish go by a few different names including the Australian Ghost Shark, Makorepe, Whitefish, Plownose Chimaeras and Elephant Fish. If you are fishing for Elephant Shark you should consider the fact that they are normally found between 200 and 500 meters deep. The only exception to this rule is when they spawn. At this time they are found in relatively shallow waters, which makes them easy to be caught by fisherman. Once caught, they provide flesh that is quite edible and is said to be best fried and battered much like Cod.  You can learn a little more about the Elephant Shark in the video below...

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Anonymous said...

They are absolutely BEUTIFUL!!!

Alan Naude said...


Contrary to popular belief the Elephant fish is not only found in deep waters off Australia and New Zealand but is also occasionally found in the colder water regions of South Africa.
Yesterday the 29 March 2014, I caught an Elephant fish in the Langebaan lagoon on the West Coast of South Africa. The depth of the water in which I caught the fish was 4,5 meters and the water temperature was 16 degrees Celsius.
This particular fish weighted about 1,5kilos and was laden with eggs.
This is not the first occasion that I have caught Elephant Fish in the Langebaan Lagoon. On a previous occasion I caught 3 Elephant fish in a period of 5 minutes.

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