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Bronze Whaler (Carcharhinus brachyurus)

The Bronze Whaler or Carcharhinus brachyurus is a species of shark that is a commonly found near the coast in all the subtropical oceans and seas in the world, with the exception of the east cost of North America. As you can imagine with a name like the Bronze Whaler they are not small, growing to 11' (3.5m) in length and weighing in at 660lbs (300 kg).

Brozne Whaler Sharks go by a couple different names throughout the world including the Narrowtooth Shark, and the Copper Shark. These saltwater fish have a broad snout and are lacking a interdorsal ridge. The Bronze Whaler is actually a grayish bronze in coloration with white on their lower bodies.
These sharks are considered dangerous to humans. They are often found in relatively shallow waters where they feed on schooling fish including Salmon. When they reproduce the Bronze Whaler has up to twenty live pups. They can live to about 30 years old. You can check out the Bronze Whaler in its nature habitat along with some amazing Sardine footage in the video below...

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