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Dracula Fish (Danionella dracula)

The Dracula Fish or Danionella dracula was recently discovered by researchers at London's Natural History Museum. As you can see in the pictures above and below, this odd looking freshwater fish gets its name from the sharp fangs that protrude out of their mouth. As if that weren't weird enough, the Dracula Fish has a transparent body much like the babies or frys of other fish species! Don't worry though the Dracula Fish is quite small growing only to about 1" in length.
Discovered in stream in Burma or Myanmar their sharp fangs are thought to be used for fighting other male Dracula Fish and not for feeding purposes. The fangs in the female Dracula Fish are much smaller than those of their male counterparts. Dracula fish feed on very small invertebrates and crustaceans and even are said to accept flake food in an aquarium setting.

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birdy said...

What a great collection, beautiful and amazing.

M3RC said...

Simply amazing work you have done here - thanks!

1Green Thumb said...

Thanks folks : ) Remember if you know of any species that are not featured here please let us know so we can add them to the encyclopedia.

Anonymous said...

Is there any redtail catfish or pariaba catfish in here?

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