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Lake Trout (Salvelinus namaycush)

The Lake Trout or Salvelinus namaycush is one of the most popular Trout species and is renowned for its fine flavor. This freshwater fish is found in many deep lakes in the northern parts of North America including the Great Lakes. Lake Trout go by many different names depending on where you are, these include Salmon Trout, Mackinaw, Lake Charr, Touladi, Togue, Grey Trou, Siscowet, Paperbellies and Leans.

These fish can reach weights exceeding 100lbs, but they rarely reach these sizes, because Lake Trout are slow growers that don't reach sexual maturity until about 6 years old, living to over 25 years old. They have two dorsal fins and light spots on their dark gray bodies. The Lake Trout's lower fins have white on their edges. You can check out a large Lake Trout in the video below..

If you are fishing for Lake Trout keep in mind that this species of Charr are found in shallow waters of about 13 feet in the spring and fall, but are found much deeper in the summer and winter. They have even been caught at depths exceeding 150'! Lake Trout will feed on smelt, crustaceans, insects and other small fish depending on where they are in this huge range in depth. If you have any additional information about Lake Trout including fishing tips and recipes feel free to share with the world...

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