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Chilean Sea Bass (Dissostichus eleginoides)

The Chilean Sea Bass or Dissostichus eleginoides has many names including the Patagonian Toothfish, Merluza Negra and Mero in Japan. This type of fish is commercial caught in many different countries across the globe and exploded in popularity in the 1990 here in the states. Chilean Sea Bass are found in the frigid waters of the Southern Atlantic & Pacific oceans along with the Indian ocean at depths of up to 3850 meters.

This type of salt water fish is quite large, growing to 7-1/2' (2.3m) and can weigh up to 440lbs (200kg). Although the Chilean Sea Bass is believed to be able to live up to 50 years, they rarely reach this age due to overfishing. This combined with the fact that these fish don't reach sexual maturity until almost 10 years old makes the survival of this species in question. This large saltwater fish will feed on squid, prawns, and other small salt water fish.While certainly not the prettiest fish to look at, the Chilean Sea Bass are considered to be rather tasty with a light white fleshy meat they can be be prepared several different ways. If you have a recipe for Chilean Sea Bass please leave it below in the comments. Of course, always enjoy in moderation...

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