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Whale Shark (The Biggest Fish In The Ocean)

Growing to over 65' and 10 tons the Whale Shark or Rhincodon typus is larger than the average school bus! This unbelievable size makes them the largest fish in all the oceans! Don't worry, these gentle saltwater giants are not dangerous though. In fact, the Whale Shark has even been known to let swimmers hitch a ride on their dorsal fin. The Whale Shark are omnivores that feed by swimming with their wide mouths open, all the while collecting plankton, small fish and anything else it swallows. They hardly even need their tiny 3000 teeth, because when they close their mouth the Whale Shark's gills drain out the water and what is left is the dinner for this huge creature. This shark is found in tropical and warmer waters around the world. To learn more check out this video...


Anonymous said...

People hear the term whale shark and assume the worst, and who could blame them? These are the largest fish on the planet however, as the article reads, they are quite docile. Although people could swim with them in a tank at the Georgia Aquarium, I highly recommend the swim tours offered near Cancun instead. This is because you actually swim in the whale shark’s natural environment, so it’s better for the animals.

Whichever Cancun tours company you decide to go with, just make sure that they display their license number on their website, there are many that are not licensed. What I especially liked about this one is that they have a cancellation policy with a money back guarantee.

Happy Exploring,
William Schug

richard said...

thanks, u helped me with a school project.


Anonymous said...

As stupid as this is, I really wonder what would happen if you where right infront of its mouth when a whale shark decided to start feeding..

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