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Blue Spotted Stingray

The Blue Spotted Stingray or Taeniura lymma is actually part of the shark family. This saltwater fish is found in the West Pacific, East Africa, Red Sea, East Africa, Japan and parts of southern Australia. The Blue Spotted Stingray are found around reefs in relatively shallow water of up to 65'. They feed on crustaceans that they find around the coral reefs. These Stingrays can grow to about 14" in width and over 3' in length with their tail. The Blue Spotted Stingray is often found in groups and can be buried in the sand which makes them extremely hard to spot. Approach with caution, the large tail spine of the blue spot stingray is dangerous and can even be deadly. The venomous barbs are so huge that there have been reports of people bleeding to death from the wound. You can check out the Blue Spotted Stingray underwater in the video below...

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