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Columbian Shark (Arius jordani)

The Columbian Shark or Arius jordani is actually a Catfish, which is very popular fish to house in an aquarium setting. Also know as the Black Fin Shark, Jordan's Catfish and the West American Cat Shark this fish can grow to about 10" in maximum length. Water conditions should be around 74-79° F with a PH level of 7.0-7.5. At least a 70 gallon aquarium is suggested for this very active fish. The Columbian Shark is whitish grey in color and have the classic catfish whiskers that make them so easy to distinguish from other fish. The fins of this fish are black with white on their tips.
The Columbian Shark has the ability to survive in both freshwater and saltwater. This fish should be fed bloodworms, algea food and pellets (especially one's designed for catfish). Be careful of your tank mates as these fish will sometimes feed on smaller fish. You can check out the Columbian Shark for yourself in this video...

The Columbian Shark has an unusual spawning process. The female of this species will lay her eggs and then the male will incubate them by keeping them in his mouth until they hatch! Now that is a dedicated parent!

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