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Green Moray Eel

The Green Moray Eel or Gymnothorax funebris is just one of the over 200 different types of Moray Eels. This species is one of the largest morays, growing to over 10 feet and weigh in at over 70 pounds. This creature is a predator, but a very lazy one at that. The Green Moray Eel will sit and wait for its meal to come swimming by before making its move. Moray Eels actually have two sets of jaws which they use to feed on crabs, shrimp, octopuses, small fish and squid. The Green Moray Eel gets a bad rap due to the fact that they aren't exactly pretty to look at and they habitually open and close their mouths. This habit is actually how the Eel breathes. The water passes over the gills and exits through openings in the back of its head. These fish are found in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans normally around reefs at levels of less than 30 meters. They have even been known to locate themselves on the same reef for years! Although the Green Moray Eel is not considered dangerous it will bite with its very sharp teeth if provoked. They also have a very strange jaw called the Pharyngeal Jaw which allows them to open their mouth and swallow large prey. To see the Moray Eel in action take a look at this video below... Or if you would like to buy a Green Moray Eel just click the picture directly below the video!

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