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Muskellunge (Esox masquinongy)

The Muskellunge or Esox masquinongy is more commonly called the Muskie. These very large fish are the biggest of the Pike family. Muskies can grow to about 5' in length and weigh in at over 66lbs! These massive monsters are a favorite among anglers for their great fight, impressive size and surprising jumping abilities. The Muskellunge will feed on just about anything that fits into its mouth. It has even been known to prey on unsuspecting ducklings and small muskrats! Like its close relative the Northern Pike these fish are sit and wait predators. They lay in wait in weeds until their prey comes by then they strike with speed. These freshwater fish can live up to 30 years old with the females growing much more quickly then the males. Muskies are are often silver, light green, or light brown. A muskie has six or more pores on the underside of its jaw, this is a fool proof way to tell the difference between a Muskie and a Pike which has five or fewer pores. Feel free to share your fish stories by leaving a comment. To learn even more about the Muskie and how to catch Muskies have a look at the video below...

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