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Clown Loach (Botia macracantha)

The Clown Loach fish or (Botia macracantha), looks like a person with a bad hangover tends to stay away from bright lights. This freshwater fish is mostly nocturnal, but does move around a bit during the day. Native to Indonesia this fish has become a favorite among aquarium owners due to that fact that they keep away pests such as snails that can invade your aquarium. Suited for a large tank with a look of cover this fish can grow up to about a foot in length under the right conditions. Waters of 72-86° F and a PH level of 6.0-7.5 is recommended. This fish work well with others, so it can be combined with many different types of fish in an aquarium setting. To see the Clown Loach in action check out the video below...

The Clown Loach is an omnivore that should be fed vegetable flakes or tablets even worms every once and a while work well for this fish. Also known as the Tiger Botia this fish has a large head and the mouth is facing downward with four pairs of barbels, much like a catfish.

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