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Lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus)

The Lumpfish or Cyclopterus lumpus is an oddly shaped fish that is about twice as long as it is deep. These saltwater fish grow to about 2' in length, and weigh in at about 20lbs maximum. Females tend to be a bit larger than males. The color of the Lumpfish varies quite a bit. When they are young the Lumpfish will almost always match their surroundings, normally an olive green or yellow. Males tend to be a bit more vivid than the females, and their underbellies will turn red when they are spawning. You can check out the Lumpfish underwater in the video below...

They have a series of seven ridges on their bodies that contain small knobs that make them easily differentiated from other fish. Pictured below is a Smooth Lumpsucker (Aptocyclus ventricosus), which is just one of the over 25 different species of Lumpfish. Like the Puffer Fish they have the ability to inflate themselves to deter predators. Lumpfish are normally found toward the bottom in the seas around Europe. They are also found in the North Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. Although the meat of these fish is not normally eaten, the Roe of these fish is considered to be quite good and is known as stenbider or stenbit.Also known as Lump Suckers, there are actually more than 25 different species of Lumpfish. These fish have modified pelvic fins that act as adhesive discs that help this fish attach itself and wait for potential prey to swim or crawl by. If you have any additional information about the Lumpfish please leave us a comment!

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