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Skunk Catfish (Corydoras arcuatus)

The Skunk Catfish or Corydoras arcuatus is a hardy scavenger that is often kept in a freshwater aquarium.  Also known as the Arched Catfish, and the Skunk Cory, this species originated in the Amazon river basin in places like Brazil, Ecuador and Peru.

Skunk Catfish have a series of bony plates instead of scales, much like Sturgeon. They are small, only reaching length of about 2" maximum. Their barbels are quite long for their size, almost extend to their gill slits.
These freshwater fish are omnivores that should be fed a variety of foods. While they are scavengers that pick up after what other fish eat, they should also be fed themselves. This scavenger mentality though can help keep your aquarium cleaner for longer, especially when combined will a Pelco or two.  If you would like to buy a Skunk Catfish but want to see them in action first check out the video below...

If you have any additional information about the Skunk Catfish please share.


Springheel said...

This fish, as well his near relatives have sharp spines in dorsal and lateral fins, which can lock rigidly, as daggers, when the fish feels it's in danger.

Mikejam said...

Do you know the effects of a Skunk sting on a Guppy? My guppy has been almost paralysed for 2 days and wondered if she could've been stung.

1Green Thumb said...

Hi Mike,

I do not know the effects, I hear that it hurts quite a bit though. Best of luck to you and your Guppy :(

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