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Moorish Idol (Zanclus canescens)

The Moorish Idol or Zanclus canescens is often kept as an aquatic pet, but it is not considered to be easy to care for. In Hawaii, where it is quite commonly found, the Moorish Idol is known as Kihikihi while in other places of the world they are called Crowned Scythe. These saltwater fish are found in the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Red Sea.

This striking fish has striking contrasting bands of white, black and yellow and an elongated dorsal fin which is called a philomantis extension. This beautiful appearance makes them a tempting buy for any aquarium enthusiast.
In a saltwater aquarium setting these fish will only grow to about 4" in length while in the wild they can grow as long as 7". Like with a lot of fish though, the bigger the aquarium, the bigger these fish will grow. An aquarium of at least 140 gallons is recommended. Water conditions of dKH 8-12, 78-80° F, sg 1.021-1.023, pH 8.1-8.4 are acceptable.

Moorish Idol are considered to be quite tame, they will not bother the other tankmates and will often form schools if kept in groups. The biggest problem with the Moorish Idol or Kihikihi is that they are very picky eaters. To start with you should make sure you have a large supply of live rock with sponges and algae. Eventually they will begin to take mysis shrimp, Spirulina, and other meat foods. Avocado and Banana pieces are also said to work for this picky eater.

What is your experience with the Moorish Idol? Do you have any tips or trick to keep this fish happy and healthy? If so leave them in the comments below...

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