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Sirajo Goby (Sicydium plumieri)

Top Photo Credit: Patrick Cooney

The Sirajo Goby or Sicydium plumieri is an amazing freshwater fish that has actually developed the ability to climb steep waterfalls, and even artificial dams! It has a suction cup like pelvic fin that allows it to accomplish these unbelievable acts. These Gobies also have modified ventral fins that helps to move up and down wet surfaces. These fish are quite small, only reaching lengths of 10.9 cm. Like the Salmon, this fish changes color when spawning. The male Sirajo Goby becomes a striking blue color during the mating season. The Sirajo Goby feeds on algae off of rocks found in the streams and rivers it inhabits. These fish are found in places like Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Martinique, Guadeloupe, St. Vincent and Barbados.

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Valentina said...

Im Writing in regards to the Sirajo Goby, i have a question is it possible to find this fish in central america? i have just recently saw something like it in a river in Honduras,
hope to hear from you soon

Anonymous said...

In puerto rico where i live is as common as mosquitoes. But the problem is that the place they live makes it dangerous to get them. High .rocky and desolate place where theres no help if something bad happens.

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