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Ribbon Eel (Rhinomuraena quaesita)

The Ribbon Eel or (Rhinomuraena quaesita) is quite possibles the more bizarre Eels on the planet. This certain kind of Moray Eel will not only change colors throughout its 20 year lifespan, but it will also change sexes! During the beginning of its life the Ribbon Eel is almost all black with a just bit of yellow in its dorsal fin. As they grow older they turn bright blue in color while the lower jaw and nose become a stunning yellow. Soon after the Ribbon Eel reaches 4' in length the blue male turns yellow and actually changes sexes and becomes a female! Like other Moray Eels this creature is often mistaken for a dangerous creature because it has its mouth open all the time in menacing fashion. Don't worry though this is simply how the eels breath. These fishl will bury themselves in the sand or even hide in reefs and rocks waiting for their prey to swim by. Then it will lunge out with impressive speed to catch unsuspecting smaller fish. Even though the Ribbon Eel doesn't do very well in an aquarium setting many people still attempt it because of its brilliant coloration. To see the Ribbon Eel in action check out the video below...

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Anonymous said...

Having seen the Ribbon eel in tropical fish stores in the 1970s, I became aware of just how amazingly beautify a mature example can be.

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