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Lamprey Eel (Petromyzon marinus)

The Sea Lamprey or Petromyzon marinus is a parasitic creature that has an impressive tooth filled mouth that opens attaches the unfortunately host that gets too close. The Sea Lamprey was originally a salt water fish, but over time it colonized in Lake Ontario, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.

Also known as the Great Sea Lamprey, Lake Lamprey, and the Sea Eel this creature can reach lengths of 20" and weigh up to 13 oz. They are a greyish metallic color with white on their underside.

It is not uncommon to catch fish with one or several of these Lamprey Eels attached to the fish itself. They fasten themselves onto its host and makes a hole with its tongue. They have a special substance in their saliva that serves as a anticoagulant and keeps the wound opens for weeks until the Lamprey Eel lets go or the host dies.Believe it out not these parasites are considered a delicacy in places like Europe! Here is The States though they are considered a nuisance and poison is used to control their spawning. To learn even more about the Lamprey Eel watch the video below...

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