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Roosterfish (Nematistius pectoralis)

The Roosterfish or Nematistius pectoralis is a very popular sporting fish that in caught in in the Pacific Ocean in places like Costa Rica and the Mexican waters to Panama. This fish, true to its name, has a rather odd rooster comb as dorsal fins!

Like its fellow family member the Amberjack, these saltwater fish can get very big, growing to lengths of over 4' and weighing over 100lbs! The Roosterfish is said to put up a ferocious fight but it not the tastiest fish in the world where they are also known as Pez Gallo or Papagallo.
Roosterfish are said to have the ability to amplify sound which helps them catch unsuspecting prey and avoid dangerous predators. Like a lot of intelligent fish Roosterfish are best caught with fresh live bait. If you have a fishing tip or a Roosterfish recipe please share it with the world below...

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