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Yellow-Headed Jawfish (Opistognathus aurifrons)

The Yellow-Headed Jawfish or Opistognathus aurifrons is just one of the over 30 different species of Jawfish in our oceans.  This species of saltwater fish is found exclusively in the Caribbean Sea, in and around coral reefs.  As you can see in the pictures, these fish have a yellow head with a light blue body.

These fish are often found in the same area throughout their lives.  Like other Jawfish, they will often burrow themselves with only their heads and upper body exposed.  Often seen with shells, rocks or other small objects in their mouths, these fish will move their burrow small distances and re-arrange things to their liking.   
Like some other fish including some forms of Cichlids, the Yellow-Headed Jawfish is a mouth brooder.  This simply means that males will carry their eggs in the mouth until they hatch.  These fish are often kept in an aquarium setting and should be fed a variety of foods including brine shimp, mysis shrimp and pellet food.  You can check out the Yellow-Headed Jawfish in an aquarium setting digging a burrow in the video below...    

If you have any additional information about the Yellow-Headed Jawfish, including care tips please leave us a comment below.

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