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The Mahi Mahi Or Dolphin Fish (Coryphaena hippurus)

Known in Hawaii as the Mahi Mahi, these fish are quite common in places like Florida and other areas worldwide, where it is known as the common Dolphin Fish (Coryphaena hippurus). These tough fish are not only one of the fastest growers in the ocean, but are also one of the fastest swimmers in the ocean. Even at speeds approaching 50 knots, they are only about half the speed of the fastest fish in the ocean the Sailfish! Fish can live up to 6 years old and weigh in at over 30lbs. They have strange looking bodies that almost look like they have been smashed together. Females of this species are almost always smaller than males. Often they are a mixture of golds, blues and greens and actually change colors quite quickly after they die.

Mahi Mahi feed on crabs, squid, flying fish and many other smaller fish. They are very popular sporting fish because they are fantastic fighters and are also very edible. Considered to be a feast with a special flavor that is talked about by people all over the world. If you know a fish recipe for Mahi Mahi that you would like to share or any fish tips please leave them in the comments below...

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Anonymous said...

I just had Mahi Mahi for the first time in near a lighthouse in Michigan. It was served with a pineapple on top, pretty good and a nice thick fillet. Good fish, I highly recommend it : )

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