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Green Humphead Parrotfish (Bolbometopon muricatum)

The Green Humphead Parrotfish or Bolbometopon muricatum is the largest species of Parrotfish in the world. This saltwater fish can grow to almost 4-1/2 feet long (1.3 meters) in length, and can weigh up to 100lbs (46kg). This rather odd fish is found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, normally around reefs in groups of up to 75. This schooling makes them extreme vulnerable to spearfishing and netting as they sleep at night. For this reason they are listed as a species of concern.  Destruction of their habitats is also causing their numbers to fall.

Green Humphead Parrotfish go by many different names including Buffalo Parrotfish, Giant Parrotfish, Humphead Parrotfish, Double-Headed Parrotfish and the Bumphead Parrotfish. This species of Parrotfish can be differentiated from others by the fact that it is covered with scales with the exception of the front of its head.
Green Humphead Parrotfish can live to almost 40 years old and will develop a hump on their forehead as they mature, hence their name. These fish are normally gray or green in coloration with the exception of parts of their heads which can have a bit of pink on them.  This fish will feed on algae and live corals and are often seen ramming their heads against corals for dinner. To view a Green Humphead in its natural habitat check out the video below. 

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Unknown said...

You forgot the fact that they poop 90 kilograms(200 pounds). Also the adults eat 5 to 6 tons of coral.

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