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Oriental Flying Gurnard (Dactyloptena orientalis)

The Oriental Flying Gurnard or Dactyloptena orientalis is an unbelievable salt water fish that actually has a pair of wings and also has the ability to walk on the ocean floor. These fish are often found in the Indo-Pacific Oceans at depths of up to 100 meters. They are quite small only growing to about 40cm in maximum length. The Oriental Flying Gurnard wings are actually massive pectoral fins that flare up when the creature is threatened. These wings have are dark with bright blue on the edges. Also known as the Oriental Flying Sea Robin, their pelvic fins act as legs as they slowly make their way across the bottom in search of food. If that weren't weird enough this fish is also said to be able to make a grunting sound which they use to communicate with one another.

These salt water fish often feed on small bony fish, clams and small crustaceans. Oriental Flying Gurnard are often eaten by Mackerels and Sea Breams. To see the Oriental Flying Gurnard in action check out the video below...

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