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Atlantic Angel Shark

The Atlantic Angel Shark or Squatina dumeril is a very odd shaped shark that is sometimes referred to as the Sand Devil. The Angel Shark is often mistaken for a type of stingray, because of its broad pectoral fins.  An odd eye setup allows them to bury themselves in sand or mud, lying in wait for their prey.  Truly an amazing ambush predator, just watch how quick they strike their prey in the video below...

These sharks can grow to about 5' in length and are not considered aggressive unless accidentally stepped on or aggravated.   The Atlantic Angel Shark is an ovoviviparous shark which simply means that the eggs stay in the mother's body until ready to hatch. When they do, this shark can have up to 30 little sharks running around! This type of salt water fish is found in the Western Atlantic Ocean from the surface to about 5000' deep.

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