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Viper Shark (Trigonognathus kabeyai)

The Viper shark or Trigonognathus kabeyai is a seldom seen species of dogfish shark from the family Etmopteridae. This saltwater fish has been seen in the Pacific Ocean around Hawaii and Japan ranging from 150–360 m (890–1,180 ft) depending on the time of say. This species can grow to 21" (54cm) in length as is know for it's fanged teeth and bio-luminescence which it uses attract and then impale it's unlucky prey. The Viper Shark has a very large mouth which allows it to swallow larger fish completely whole. It is a live bearing fish that can produce up to 26 pups. You can learn a bit more about the Viper Shark and some other amazing creatures of the sea in the video below.

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