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Doctor Fish (Garra rufa)

The Doctor Fish or Garra rufa is a freshwater fish that likes to nibble on human skin!  It is even used in spas as a skin treatment! Lucky for us this fish will eat only the dead skin, leaving the healthy skin untouched.  Doctor Fish have been used to treat multiple skin disorders, including eczema and psoriasis. You can check them out chowing down on humans in the videos below.

Also known as Kangal Fish, Nibble Fish, Little Dermatologists and Reddish Log Sucker Fish these Carp are not very large only growing to about 2-1/2" in length and have a lifespan of up to 7 years. They are found in naturally in river basins in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. The Doctor Fish can be kept in an aquarium and is considered to be quite hardy. They have been brought to spas in places all over the world included The United States, Japan, Cambodia & Turkey.  
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Anonymous said...

the fish in the top photo are not Garra rufa; they are baby tilapia. They are also used as pedicure fish by unscrupulous salons. They tend to do as much damage as good, ripping at good flesh as well as dead skin.

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