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African Lungfish (Protopterus Annectens)

The African Lungfish or Protopterus annectens is a fish that can literally survive for years without water! This fish has a special organs that are as close to lungs as any fish in the world. During the dry season the African Lungfish will burrow in the moist ground and then secrete a mucus that covers all of its body except its mouth. This serves as a cocoon of sorts. These African Lungfish will breath through their mouth until the dry season is over and then awakens from its state of hibernation. Native Africans have been known to find the African Lungfishes burrow and dig it up and store it for a meal at a later date! These fish are quite strange looking with an eel like appearance and skinny fins that look more like tentacles. These fish can grow to a maximum of 200 cm and are considered to be vicious predators. Although rarely kept in aquarium if you encounter one of these fish be careful and don't stick your hand in the tank as they will bite! African Lungfish will normally eat smaller fish and frog in the wild. To learn more about this amazing fish check out the video below...


Anonymous said...

The very nice photo above suggests the African Lungfish, Protopterus, belongs to the family Amiidae. This is incorrect. Amiidae contains only the single species Amia calva, the eastern North American bowfin. African lungfish belong to the family Protopteridae, which contains the single genus Protopterus and four species.

Anonymous said...

Wow, tht last comment was really correct. I was thinking about that too. BTW, ZW & MH, I ttly hav a crush on u!!!!!!! C ya on Frogfish

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