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Dragonface Pipefish

The Dragonface Pipefish or Corythoichthys haematopterus is a slightly difficult creature to take care of, but worth all the work. This unique salt water fish has the ability to move its eyes in just about any direction and its long slender appearance makes it a favorite for an advanced aquarist much like its close relative the Tiger Tail Seahorse. The Dragonface Pipefish is a natural defender against Red Bugs which have been known to destroy entire reef colonies. A reef aquarium that is very mature and has lots of micro-crustaceans to feed on is highly recommended. You should also have caves or overhangs for them to hang out in. Dragonface Pipefish thrive in warmer salt waters around 70-80 F and grow to 8" in length. They feed on copepods, amphipods, brine shrimp, amphipods, mosquito larva, and daphnia. This fish is also known as the Dragon Pipefish, Messmate Pipefish, or Reeftop Pipefish
. You can check out the Dragonface Pipefish with your own eyes in the video below...


Anonymous said...

I have some info for this fish. They are still hard to keep and are not for beginners, like anyother pipefish, but they are most likely the hardiest pipefish for a reef tank. I do not recommend keeping brain corals with them though.

I have a question though. For the owner of this site. Is there any way I can email you?

1Green Thumb said...

Yes just scroll down near the bottom of the page it says Still Can't Find The Fish You Are Looking For? Search For It Below Or Send Us An E-Mail! Just click the send us an e-mail link and it will give u the address. Thanks

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