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Common Carp Or Koi

The Common Carp, Koi or Cyprinus carpio is a freshwater fish that can grow over 5' in length and weigh over 80lbs. These bottom feeders with eat almost anything including cereal, vegetables, worms, fruit and including many kinds of plant life. Fisherman around the world enjoy the Common Carp as a meal. In fact in Austria, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Croatia and Poland Carp is part of a traditional Christmas Eve dinner! The Koi version of this fish is brightly colored and is a favorite pet.
This type of fish will actually recognize its owner, and can be trained to feed right from your hand! Koi are known to live 40 years or more, there have even been reports of Japanese Koi living to 200 years old. The Common Carp or Koi is a very hardy fish and will easily last a long time if properly taken care of with good filtration and overall water quality.

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