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Mola Mola Fish

The Mola Mola Fish or Ocean Sun Fish is the largest bony fish in the world, weighing in at 1 ton or 2,200lbs! The largest Mola Mola ever found was a mammoth 6000lbs! These fish can grow to 11' long and are normally almost as long as they are tall.
 They tend to swim near the surface and are often mistaken for a shark above the water due to their dorsal fins poking above water. The Mola Mola Fish feeds on small squid, fish and jellyfish.  You can check out the Mola Mola fish in the videos below...

During reproduction the female Mola Mola can produce as many as 300 million eggs at a time! This is more than any other known vertebrate in the world. To see the Mola Mola fish in action click here!


Unknown said...

my favorite fish.

pooja said...

even wen it luks humongous, its so graceful.

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