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Giant Stingray (Himantura chaophraya)

The Giant Stingray or Himantura chaophraya is one of the largest freshwater fish in the world. Also known as the Whip Ray, this massive stingray can grow to 16.5 ft (5m) and weigh in at an amazing 1,320 lbs (600 kg)! They are gray or brown in color and shaped like most other stingrays with a flat body and a long tail with a stinger on it. This stinger can reach lengths of 15 inches (38 centimeters) and can easily pierce through human skin and bone. If that didn't freak you out yet consider the fact that their stingers are also often venomous!

Giant Stingrays were only things of legend until 20 years ago when the first one was documented. For this reason, little is known about these monsters including their population size and habitats. Stories of these fish capsizing boats have even been reported. To see a Giant Stingray in action check out this video...

The few places that Giant stingrays have been spotted include Thailand, Borneo, New Guinea, and northern Australia. These creatures will often camouflage themselves by bury themselves in sandy river bottoms. Giant Stingrays have the ability to detect their prey by sensing their electrical fields! Quite an impressive trait!If you have more information about Giant Stingrays that you would like to add please do so in the comments below...


Anonymous said...

The monster Giant freshwater stingray pictured above was caught by Ian Weolch whilst fishing with the Fishsiam Ltd team in Thailand.

Silvia said...

This is a wonderful website!
I love it!
I'm gonna spend several hours in here.
Thanks for all the good information!

Tobi said...

Holy crap! I never knew such a creature existed. o.O

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