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Paddlefish (Polydon spathula)

The Paddlefish or Polydon spathula is the kind of fish you would think you would find in the oceans of our planet, but this fish is actually a freshwater fish. Its elongated snout kinda reminds me of the Sailfish or Swordfish both which are found in saltwater. They use this massive snout to find food with an elaborate system of sense organs.The Paddlefish is almost a slate color and has long gill covers and a mouth much like a shark. Their skeletons also resemble that of a shark as they are composed mostly of cartilage. They are often found in rivers including the Mississippi, Yellowstone, Ohio and Missouri Rivers. The Paddlefish feeds on zooplankton and insect larvae normally. It swims with its mouth open filtering out the food that it needs to survive.They can be caught by simply snagging them. The eggs of the Paddlefish are quite sought after. For this reason and the building of dams that disturb their spawning has made the the population of Paddlefish has drop quite dramatically. This particular fish can live to almost 30 years of age and reach over 6 feet long and weigh in at over 100lbs! The Paddlefish is also called the Spoonbill, Spoonies and the Spoonbill Catfish. To find out more about this amazing fish check out the video below...

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