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Tiger Oscar Fish (Astronotus Ocellatus)

The Tiger Oscar Fish or Astronotus Ocellatus is just one of the many different kinds of Oscar Fish. It can grow up to about 18" long and does well in 75 to 85 degree water. This fish is a popular freshwater aquarium fish and is considered fairly easy to care for. Tiger Oscars are also quite intelligent, it is even known to be able to recognize its owner from strangers. You can check out a very large Tiger Oscar feeding on frogs below...

A couple different types of other species of Oscar Fish include the Pink Tiger Oscar, Red Oscar and Red Tiger Oscar. All of them grow very quickly which is yet another reason why they make such great pets. Oscars should either be kept alone or in groups of 6 or more to stop them from attacking each other. They also can be tankmates with Jack Dempseys, Texas Cichlids and Salvini to name a few. This type of Oscar Fish is native to South America, but they are also found in Peru, Columbia and the Amazon. They eat mostly insects, but will occasionally feed on a small fish. In an aquarium setting they feed on flakes and eventually pellets when they grow larger.  You can check out a Tiger Oscar Fish in an aquarium in the video below...

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UmmYaseen said...

I have a tiger oscar that gets darker than the other one at night time and then in the morning they are the same color. Why is this happening?

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