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European Conger Eel (Conger conger)

The European Conger Eel or Conger conger is the the largest known Eel in the ocean measuring 2.87 m (9.5 ft) in length and weighing in at an impressive 60.6 kg (133¼ lb)!  Like other Eels, this saltwater fish has a snake like body and is found at a great range of depths.  When the European Conger Eel is young it is often inhabits shallow coastal waters, but as it grows older they make their way to deeper waters of up to 1000 meters.  This species is just one of the many different kinds of Conger Eels and goes by a couple different names including Sea Eel, Southern Conger, Koiro, Ngoio and the Silver Eel. 

European Conger Eels are found in a few different places around the world including the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and the eastern Atlantic Ocean.  They are nocturnal predators that feed on mollusks, small fish and crustaceans.  This type of Eel can be caught with a hook and line and is not raised on fish farms.  They are edible and are said to have a sweet taste with a firm texture.  Eels are often served smoked, canned, fresh or jellied.  As with all other fish, they are best served fresh.  You can check out some Conger Eels in action in the video below...

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