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Leaping Blenny (Alticus saliens)

The Leaping Blenny or Alticus saliens is one amazing saltwater fish! They get their names from their ability to jump from place to place, outside of water. That's right, the Leaping Blenny can actually survive outside of water like you and me. Seeing is believe though, so check out the these blennies in action in the videos below...

Like a lot of other Blennies, they have an elongated dorsal fin that runs the length of their bodies. They are found in Indo-Pacific in moist shallow shady spots often among rocks or coral.  This species of fish can grow to about 10cm (4") in maximum length and is oviparous, which means that they lay eggs that have little or no other embryonic development within the mother.

If you have any more information about Leaping Blennies that you would like to share please leave it in the comments below...

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Anonymous said...

Those Blennies are hopped up on something!

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