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Porcupine Puffer (Diodon holocanthus)

The Porcupine Puffer or Diodon holocanthus is just one of the over 120 different species of Puffer Fish. If you have this saltwater fish in an aquarium you have probably noticed that it almost looks like it's smiling at you.

They have spines that cover their bodies and are normally light gray or tan with darker spots on their bodies. Also known as the Balloon Porcupine Fish, Long-Spine Porcupinefish and the Spiny Puffer, this fish doesn't have any pelvic fins, and instead uses its pectoral fins to swim around. This makes for an interested swimming style to say the least.

Like other Puffer Fish, the Porcupine Puffer can inflate its body when threatened to about twice its normal size. This helps to scare away potential predators or at least make them harder to swallow. Be very careful when you are transferring Puffer Fish as they can inflate themselves with air as well and this can cause damage to the fish. Try to put them into a plastic bag inside the water before removing them when you clean your tank. Don't use a net if you can help it! You can see this Puffer fish puffed in this video...

If you are thinking of buying a Porcupine Puffer make sure that you have a large aquarium of at least 90 gallons. It is recommended that you have a Protein Skimmer as well. The following water conditions are acceptable, 72-78° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4, and sg 1.020-1.025. The Porcupine Puffer is an omnivore that needs a variety of foods including squid, krill, clams, and hard shelled shrimp. Anything with a hard shell is important to help wear down their teeth. They can live to about 5 years old and make good tankmates with Tangs and Wrasses.  Please note: Do NOT eat these fish, they are poisonous.

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pulguitaatodogas said...

Lo confieso: no tengo ni idea de peces, pero es un gusto compartir las ilusiones y pasiones de los demás.
Buena suerte.

1Green Thumb said...

That is ok Jon : ) That is what the site is for... To show everyone about all the different fish in the world!

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