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Sailfish (The Fastest Fish In The World)

There are two different types of Sailfish, the Atlantic Sailfish (Istiophorus Albicans) and the Indo-Pacific Sailfish (Istiophorus Platypterus). These amazing sailfish can reach speeds of 68 miles (110 kilometers) per hour! This impressive speed makes them by far the fastest fish in the ocean! Sailfish are huge too, these saltwater fish can grow to 12' in length and can weigh over 200lbs. Sailfish are very quick growers, in fact this fish can grow over 5' in a single year. The Sailfish is also known for it's amazing jumping ability, this makes them a favorite among fisherman. They normally feeds on the surface or just below on squid and small fish. The sail on this fish is kept down when swimming, but it will raise up if the fish feels threatened. This makes the fish appear even larger and can scare off potential predators. For more info and to see a Sailfish in action check out this video...

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