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Atlantic Mackerel (Scomber scombrus)

The Atlantic Mackerel or Scomber scombrus is just one of the many different species known as Mackerels. These fish are quite common in the North Atlantic Ocean and are highly fished for their prized meat. Also known as the Boston Mackerel, they will often be found in schools of thousands and reach lengths of about 23" maximum. Their schooling nature make this fish easily overfished in places around the world.
Atlantic Mackerel are often eaten by other creatures including whales, threshers, dogfish, tuna, striped bass, cod, birds, squid and even porpoises. These salt water fish can easily be caught off of the shore or in shallow bays and piers. It doesn't take a heavy line to catch these fish, 15 pound test should be plenty. Mackerel trees are a form of bait that is said to work well. You can also use sand eels or sea worms to catch the Atlantic Mackerel.

Atlantic Mackerel are said to be very tasty in tomato sauce, but you tell me... What is your best Mackerel recipe? Leave yours in the comments below...

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