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Slender Eel Blenny (Lumpenus fabricii)

The Slender Eel Blenny or Lumpenus fabricii is one of the few species that can survive the icy cold waters of the Arctic Ocean.  These odd looking saltwater fish are very slender and can grow to about 14" (36cm) in length.  They have brown blotches and a series of lines mostly towards the upper half of their bodies.  Their coloration is a light brown, which helps them blend into the sandy bottom.

Slender Eel Blennies are found as deep as 600' down where temperature hover near the freezing point.  This fish will feed on copepods, crustaceans, amphipods and fish eggs.  Slender Eel Blennies will often fall prey to Sculpins, Cod and Halibut.

These fish spawn in the fall, normally in the months of October or November.  They will lay as many as 500 eggs in algae.  Once these fish hatch they can live to about 17 years old.  If you have any additional information about the Slender Eel Blenny let us know.  


Anonymous said...

caught a fish in Bristol Bay, don't know what it is. closest look a like fish is the slender eel blenny. is there a place i can post a photo?

1Green Thumb said...

Go to and scroll down to the bottom there is a link there where you can e-mail us the photo and we will post it. Thanks

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