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Ladyfish (Elops saurus)

The Ladyfish or Elops saurus is a saltwater fish that inhabits the Atlantic Ocean. This fish can tolerate freshwater and is often found in bays and estuaries. They can be caught with surface baits and tend to school together. Once hooked they are said to put up a good fight and often jump right out of the water. Ladyfish have a slender body with small scales and a small pointed head. This fish is primarily silver with a hint of blue and yellow tints.

This fish is part of the Elopidae family along with the Tarpon.  They will feed on smaller fish and crustaceans.  Spawning occurs offshore in the late summer to early fall. Ladyfish can reach about 4lbs in maximum weight. They are sometimes known as Ten Pounders.  You can check out the Ladyfish swimming along with a Lookdown in the video below.

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