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Coffinfish (Chaunacops melanostomus)

The Coffinfish or Chaunacops melanostomus is one very odd looking deep sea fish. It has a weird flabby body and a long tail that are both covered with small spines! The Coffinfish has a black mouth that almost looks like it is frowning. This deep sea species is quite small only growing to about 10 cm in length.

The Coffinfish has been caught at depths of 1320m to 1760 meters in the Central and Eastern Indian Ocean. The name melanostomus comes from the Greek melanos meaning black and stoma meaning mouth.Little more is known about this deep sea creature, if you have anything to add to this post please do so in the comments below...

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Anonymous said...

The coffinfish lives on the sea floor. Unlike every other fish, it doesn't swim. Instead, coffinfish walk.

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