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Smokey Leopard Veil Angel (Pterophyllum sp.)

The Smokey Leopard Veil Angel or Pterophyllum sp. is a quite popular species of freshwater Angelfish. These fish are rather small only growing to about 6" in length. The Smokey Leopard Veil Angel is normally spotted with black, gray and silver. They have very long thin "webbing" which extend out the back of their bodies.

These type of aquarium fish don't need a very large aquarium, anything around 35 gallons or larger will work well. A temperature range of 75-82° F, and a PH level of 5.8-7.0 is recommended. A variety of flake food, vegetables and even meaty foods such as brine shrimp and bloodworms can be fed to this easy to care for fish.

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