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African Butterfly Fish (Pantodon buchholzi)

The African Butterfly Fish or Pantodon buchholzi is an odd looking freshwater fish that is found in many lakes in Africa. As you can see, this fish has a series of strange fins that look like bird's wings, a lot like the Flying Fish of the ocean. African Butterflyfish are speckled with a dark black or brown body. They are not very large only growing to about 4" in maximum length.
This fish's strange appearance makes it popular in the world of aquatic pets. They only require an aquarium of about 40 gallons with the following water conditions, 75-86° F, KH 1-10 and pH 6.9-7.1. Be sure you provide them with plenty of plants to hide in and a tight lid to keep them from jumping to their deaths. In the wild, you will often see these fish toward the surface awaiting their prey to swim by or an insect to fall onto the surface. In an aquarium they are almost always found near the surface as well and should be fed brine shrimp, small fish, insects and other freeze-dried foods. You can check out the African Butterfly Fish in the video below...

Breeding the African Butterfly fish is quite possible. To increase the chances, lower the water in the aquarium for a couple weeks. When you go to refill it, use soft acidic water. After the two mate their eggs will turn dark and float to the surface. It is important to take the eggs out of the aquarium and place them in a birthing tank. After about two days the fry will hatch and they should be fed baby brine shrimp and daphnia.

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