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Giant Featherback (Chitala lopis)

The Giant Featherback or Chitala lopis is a fish that is native to the Mekong River basin where you can find many different species of fish, including the massive Mekong CatfishThis freshwater fish is from the Nototeridae family, which are often referred to as Featherbacks or Knifefishes.

Giant Featherback fish are sometimes called the Indonesian Featherback or Pla Satu.  They have a silver body with a dark back.  Their caudal fin is long and they will often have a silver or white underbelly.  They can grow to about 100cm (39 Inches) and can live up to 50 years old! 

When fishing for Giant Featherbacks you will often find them hiding around submerged rocks or roots in freshwater rivers and lakes.  Like with most fish, live bait always works best, but spinners, spoons and flies will also work.  Once hooked this fish puts up a decent fight and is known for its jumping abilities and stamina.  You can check out this fish in an aquarium setting in the video below...  

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