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Freshwater Drum (Aplodinotus grunniens)

The Freshwater Drum or Aplodinotus grunniens is a freshwater fish found in many places in North and Central America.  This fish goes by many different names including Grunt, Wuss Fish, Shepherd's pie, Croaker, Silver Bass, Sheephead, Gray Bass, Gasper goo and Grinder. These fish have a swim bladder that allows them to make a grunting or croaking sound, hence their nicknames.
Freshwater Drum can grow to about 54lbs maximum and can live for over 70 years! Female Drums are almost always larger then their male counterparts. These fish are nocturnal and feed on insect larvae, mussels and small fish.  Freshwater Drum are considered to be quite edible, but some anglers are put off by their smell and mucus lining.  You can check out a Freshwater Drum in action in the video below.

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